Independent Professionals and Small Businesses

Many of our clients are entrepreneurial, innovative, hardworking and talented. They have great ideas but sometimes need help organizing them into logical steps leading to a clear business objective. They are overwhelmed by the options, considerations and paperwork involved in starting a business, and don’t know where to turn for help. If they have been in business for a while, they want to focus on growing it, but cash flow concerns, budgeting, and tax and reporting requirements take significant time and generate stress.

These are some of the questions we generally help independent business owners with, to allow them to keep the focus on running their business:

– Is there anything I can do differently to be more tax efficient?

– What are the tax implications of the different corporate business structures like partnerships and corporations?

– Should I open a business retirement plan? What are my options?

– How can I keep better business records?

– Am I classifying expenses correctly?

– Am I taking all the business deductions I’m legally entitled to?

– What is an S-corporation and should I open when I start my business?

– What is reasonable compensation for an S-Corp owner?

– Should I employ my children?

– What does this IRS letter mean? What should I do with it?