Tax Professionals and Financial Planners

We offer hourly consultations to tax professionals and financial planners who need help with a cross-border client issue. 
There are times when long-time clients of advisors are faced with an international tax issue that sits outside their advisor’s area of expertise. These types of situations are usually one-off or temporary. The client wants to retain the long-time relationship with their trusted advisor, but also to receive the advice they need to navigate this unusual situation. In those cases, we work with the client’s advisors as their consultants, assisting them in addressing the client issue, without interfering in their relationship with the client. Acting as advisors to the advisors, these professionals can consult with us for the expertise they need to navigate the client’s particular issue and help them resolve it with confidence. 
We love working as consultants to other professionals starting out in the international and cross-border planning fields or who need the occasional sanity check with respect to an unusual international tax issue. We also offer training sessions to accounting and financial planning firms’ staff members if there’s a particular area of tax or financial planning in which they would like to increase their competency. 
If you are interested in consulting with us, please reach out to us through our Contact Us section to make an appointment.