US Expats and Multinational US Citizens Living Abroad

US expats continue to feel the pressure of the IRS’ priority placed on offshore tax enforcement and the force of FATCA’s full implementation. We assist US expats with tax preparation, tax planning issues, responding to IRS notices, audit representation, and, for those who are not compliant, coming back into compliance through the Streamlined Procedures or other available paths.

Americans in Switzerland and Swiss in America

For Swiss-Americans and American-Swiss, in addition to the services offered to US immigrant families and US expat families, our extensive knowledge of the Swiss tax system allows us to provide detailed US-Swiss crossborder tax planning advice, and to work in coordination with our clients’ Swiss advisors.

US Immigrants and Multinational Families

If US tax laws are hard enough to understand for native US citizens, the job is even more challenging for immigrants. Confusion and frustration are not uncommon, but neither is the determination to get it right. We help US immigrants understand and plan for their US tax obligations, included those related to their foreign assets and income.

Tax and Financial Professionals

We provide hourly and project consulting services to tax and financial professionals working with clients with temporary international tax planning and compliance needs for which they require specialized assistance. We believe in the long-term benefits of established relationships between clients and trusted professionals, and welcome the opportunity to temporarily partner and collaborate with colleagues to strengthen those relationships by assisting them with those specialized needs.