Providing tax services for U.S. taxpayers with U.S. and Swiss ties.

Founded in 2009 to help Americans with offshore income and assets avoid costly tax reporting errors and increase their after-tax income.

About MHTax

Marina Hernandez founded MHTax in 2009 to help U.S. families with foreign ties simplify their taxes, legally reduce their taxes, and remedy tax reporting mistakes that got them in trouble with the IRS.


For the last fifteen years and counting, MHTax has provided tax preparation, tax representation, and tax consulting services to hundreds of foreign-born families living in the U.S.A. and hundreds of U.S. families living overseas.


In 2014, MHTax started focusing on serving U.S. households with financial and tax lives that crossed the border between the USA and Switzerland.


In 2020, Marina founded Swiss American Wealth Advisors (SAWA) to start providing integrated financial planning and wealth advisory services to these same families.



Questions & Answers

Can I engage you for tax preparation and representation services?

  • MHTax does not currently provide stand-alone tax preparation and representation services. We reserve this service for clients of Swiss American Wealth Advisors (SAWA).

What if you have a specific, one-off tax planning need?

  • Based on availability, we may offer tax consulting services to non-SAWA clients. Please email us at to inquire. Our minimum tax consulting fee is $1,200.

Who can engage us for tax consultations?

  • Tax professionals with clients with a specific US/Swiss crossborder tax issue
  • Financial planners with clients with a certain US/Swiss crossborder tax planning need
  • Individuals and families with a one-off US/Swiss tax question

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