Dear IRS, I am writing to you
to cancel my suscription.
Please remove my name from
your mailing list.
– Charles M. Schulz (Snoopy)
does the job.

About MHtax

“Dear IRS, I am writing to you to cancel my subscription. Please remove my name from your mailing list.” ~Charles M. Schulz (Snoopy)

Living in the USA comes with a tax subscription to the IRS mailing list. No matter where you came from originally, it’s the price of admission. If you are a US Citizen, your subscription remains in effect even if you no longer live here. The IRS expects to hear from you every year, no matter where you have chosen to live.

If you have crossed borders during your lifetime, as I have, your IRS subscription can get tangled with other tax subscriptions: the ones you carry from your native country; from a temporary stop in a foreign country; from the home countries of your family members; and on and on and on. The rules and regulations can get complicated very quickly and be a bit overwhelming.

And this is where the cross border tax planner comes in. I love finding the best solution possible by taking advantage of every deduction, exclusion, credit and treaty benefit available. I love keeping clients out of trouble with the IRS by making sure they comply with the confusing international reporting requirements like FBAR and FATCA, and those related to PFICs, foreign trusts and foreign entities. And I also love working with their other advisors, whether here or in foreign countries, to help them develop a comprehensive financial plan that meets their clients’ goals while minimizing taxes.

If you are an independent business owner, immigrant, expatriate, foreign investor or member of a multinational family, welcome to my world. I have lived your life and I am living your life. Because I walk in your shoes, I understand what you need and give you the peace of mind you seek. I try not to take myself too seriously, but I take my profession very seriously. I am committed to ensuring that you are in the best financial and legal situation possible with respect to your US tax subscription.

Who we serve

US immigrants and multinational families

If US tax laws can are hard enough to understand for native US citizens, the job is even more challenging for immigrants. Confusion and frustration are not uncommon, but neither is the determination to get it right. I help immigrants with tax return preparation, taking into account any foreign income and assets that they may have, and also work with them through tax planning to keep the compliance and tax burden as simple and limited as possible.

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US expats and multinational US citizens living abroad

US expats continue to feel the pressure of the IRS’ priority placed on offshore tax enforcement and the imminence of FATCA’s full implementation. I assist US expats with tax preparation, including all those obscure foreign tax forms; tax planning; representation before the IRS and, for those who are not compliant, coming back into the system through the Streamlined Procedures or other available paths.                                              

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Foreign Investors

Foreign investors are attracted to the USA’s stable regulatory environment and large consumer market. I help them with tax planning once potential investments have been identified, assisting with the identification of risks and opportunities. I work with foreign business investors, real estate investors and financial investors by providing tax planning, preparation and representation services.                                                       

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Independent Professionals and Small Businesses

This group of clients usually needs assistance beyond tax planning and preparation. Business plan preparation, budgeting and cash flow management, billing and bookkeeping are some of the services that we provide to this client segment.

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Enrolled agent (EA) & Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)


Enrolled agent (EA) and associate planner
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